Elbows and other issues

I’ve been experiencing tennis elbow – such a misnomer – for months now.  It’s probably a combination of how I use my iPad, plus excessive free motion machine embroidery at a single sitting. I get so absorbed I forget to stop. Anyway, today I had hoped to persuade my GP to give me a steroid injection; sadly I got an exercise sheet instead. Apparently injections are not currently considered to be good medicine. This was a big disappointment as I am really suffering with my right arm, and it is restricting my activities. Ho hum, as a good friend is wont to say. Apart from my visit to the doctor most of my day has been spent preparing my samples for the Colour display board needed for my City & Guilds course. I hadn’t realised just how time consuming it would be. I have managed to get quite a few pieces ready, but there’s still a lot to do. I have been enjoying the course so much, and deciding what to include is really difficult as there is so much to choose from. I’ll photograph it all when it is completed.

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