Shopping and more

I braved Ikea in the middle of half term week today, and it wasn’t too bad.  I was looking for one of the cheap soft wood picture frames they used to sell to make a fabric stretcher for batik. Needless to say the type I had in mind is no longer available, but I did find a cheap enough one to try out.  If it doesn’t work for stretching fabric I’ll just put a picture in it.  I also got some of their £2 per metre 100% cotton for dyeing, some plastic children’s plates to use as palettes for paint, a pack of tea light candles to melt for batik, and some pretty napkins for decoupage.  In other words, I’m not going to use anything I bought in the way it was intended. I wonder how many people buy things to adapt? I love it when people creatively repurpose everyday items.  There are lots of examples on Pinterest. Which reminds me; I also bought some cork mats to cover with fabric for my display board…  I’ve used one for my Sharpie marker and alcohol art sample. I’ve got almost all my sampled pieces of work ready for the display boards; I just need to get a photo printed and photocopy my woven paper. I’m planning to transfer the photocopies onto cotton fabric that can then be embroidered, but the copies need to be made with toner-based ink so an inkjet printer copy won’t work. That’s tomorrow’s job.

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