Progressing, slowly.

People can be kind and generous.  I needed some very heavy duty card to mount some of my fabric samples on, so I called into the Chantry picture framer in Morpeth to see if I could have some off cuts, and came away with a bagful.  I’ve been able to prepare more bits for my colour boards, thanks to his generosity. So a bit more progress has been made.  I need to get it all ready for class next week, and I have other calls on my time.  My sister in law and her 9 year old daughter are up in Northumberland for a few days.  We don’t get to see much of them as they live in Bath, so it was lovely to have a couple of hours with them this afternoon. Tomorrow I have lunch in Newcastle planned with a good friend, and there’s a jumble sale I want to investigate on Saturday morning. Plus the online painting workshops with Tammy of that I haven’t been able to get stuck into yet.  I must get all my textiles prep done first to create the space for those. 

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