Texture and trees

We’re moving on from Colour to Texture in our textiles class. I took all my colour work for the display boards for the tutor to take a look at.  She explained how the boards have to show progression, and tell a story.  I’ve had to buy another board in order to get it laid out in sequence, with explanations and diagrams.  So now I know what exactly needs to be done and how to do it.

After getting our presentations clarified we were able to embark on the subject of texture.  Our theme is trees, and tree bark in particular. We created drawings of a section of tree bark using soft pastels, which create instant texture.  It’s a messy medium to work in, but gives a good and quick result.  Next we did rubbings of textured surfaces that could be interpreted as bark-like, first onto paper and then on to fabric.  The fabric ones were done using Markel (aka Shiva) oil paint sticks. These need to cure for 24-48 hours and can then be ironed to make them permanent.  We’ll be stitching onto the fabric ones.  


While waiting for these to cure we started on sampling embroidery stitches that are good for creating texture.  I’ve been stitching a tiny free form embroidery sample using various threads, and stitches including French knots and Bullion knots.  I love the way it is taking on an organic life of its own, and I’ll photograph it when it is a bit bigger.  Another thoroughly enjoyable day.

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