Wednesday is a slow day for me.  Now that I’m doing an evening class on Tuesdays I tend to be pretty tired on Wednesday, plus Thursday is my college day, so that’s why it’s slow.  It took me ages to wake up this morning – I didn’t have breakfast until after mid-day. I had to wash my hair, but I couldn’t face blow drying it, so I just let it dry naturally.  I finally put make up on at 6.30pm because I was going to the MS Society meeting, and I really don’t do no make up in public – too scary! 

I did manage to prepare 4 pieces of fabric, for tomorrow’s class, which I could do sitting down.  Last week on my way home from class I popped into Wilkinson’s and got some textured wallpaper samples.  I spent a couple of hours this afternoon tearing them into strips and sticking them onto squares of cotton.  The plan is to stitch them to the fabric in class tomorrow, using the sewing machine, and then plastering over them (as per my previous post Getting Plastered).  I also have last week’s plastered fabrics to stitch into as they will be dry by now.  I can’t wait to see how one in particular has dried, as I loved the effect I got as I was working on it.  There will be photos to follow.  

We’re also going to be wet felting tomorrow, and I’m taking my Heartfelt Silks wooden palm washboards to try out.  You can see them on their website.  I hope to have lots to show you all in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Wednesdays

  1. Hope you are feeling rested today, ready for your work tomorrow. Wet felting is quite tiring too and very messy! I look forward to seeing your samples of wallpaper and fabric.


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