Me and my gadgets…

I do love a good gadget, as many of my friends can testify.  Of course I absolutely NEED all of them.  I particularly love machines for crafting, especially ones for using with textiles.  So, when my college tutor demonstrated the embellisher machine I had to have one. Immediately.  This required a thorough investigation of machines and prices.  I looked at reviews and saw that the Creative SP1000 had good reviews, and was reasonably priced.  Next stop eBay to see how cheaply I could acquire one, and there was a brand new one listed as an auction.  Needless to say bidding commenced.  I knew what the cheapest price for one was to buy online, so my maximum bid had to be less than that.  And I won!  It arrived on Wednesday when I was out, and by the time I got home I was too tired to try it out.  Thursday was college day, where I had a go on the embellisher in class so I would know what to do with mine.  I finally tried it out this afternoon, and it is magic. I’ve created a textured piece using a Markel/Shiva stick rubbed “bark” print, with wool laid across it to mimic the wood.  There are so many exciting possibilities, and things I can do with it.  There will be pictures at some point, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Me and my gadgets…

  1. I have had an embellishing machine for quite a long time Michele. I have not used it much so look forward to picking your brains when I see you!


  2. I like the effect you get using fine polyester fabrics where it creates a sort of ruffle. I used it today to join some hand knitted wool together. I'll bring it with me 🙂


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