Natural Dyes Workshop with Eve Studd

I had a lovely day on Monday up in the borders, at Cornhill Crafts, with Eve Studd.  Eve runs lots of great workshops.  This one was using natural dyes on wool fleece.  As you can see some of the colours are stunning.  There was just one other person on the workshop, and it was held in Eve’s home.  We had a great time.  If you are interested in finding out more about Eve’s workshops go to:

4 thoughts on “Natural Dyes Workshop with Eve Studd

  1. Wow the colours are amazing, I didn't realise you could get such intense results with natural dyeing. I would love to do this workshop! What are you going to do with your dyed fibres Michele?


  2. I'm planning to wet felt them Jayne. Interestingly the other person on the workshop, Betty, is a quilter and she brought some mordanted cotton fabric to try. The barkwood and madder worked really well on the cotton too. Some of the others didn't. We're not sure if a different mordant would have worked better – she used aluminium sulphate, I think. I liked the effect that mordant ing the wool with alum gave; we also had wool mordanted with copper sulphate. The colours come out darker with the copper mordant.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Michele! I'll have to agree that the colours are fantastic. Natural dyeing is definitely another item on my To Try-list. That list just keeps on growing!


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