Peg loom and Brinkley loom weaving workshop with Eve Studd of Cornhill Crafts.

The photos of my woven wall hangings are finally available to share with you – Google+ can be a pain!!!!  

The top photo is natural wool fleece, which has been washed and dyed with natural dyes by Eve, woven on a jute warp thread, using a peg loom.

The longer piece was woven on the Brinkley loom.  This was the one I enjoyed most. I was amazed at the range of materials that could be used in the weft.  The warp is a hand dyed wool yarn, dyed by Eve with natural dyes. I started off with a blue wool yarn in the weft to create a stable foundation.  I then began to add in short lengths of wool fleece.  This gives a wonderful fluffy edge.  Eve doesn’t card the fleece, thereby allowing the natural curls and characteristics of the particular sheep’s breed to show in the work.  I decided to use yellow and purple, which are complimentary colours, and added a few pops of other bright colours that caught my eye.

Eve’s workshops are relaxed, experimental, and great fun.  She allows the participants to play with the things that they feel most attracted to.  I’d happily do any of her workshops again, and I could easily spend a whole day weaving on the Brinkley loom – I now have one on my wish list!

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