Great to be back

Unlike the return to school following a holiday, I was delighted to get back to college today.  We had a number of potential students for next year’s course come to find out just what is involved in the City and Guilds’ curriculum.  I enjoyed having a chance to show my work to them, and discuss how much I love creating things, and learning new techniques.  They were all very interested and enthusiastic.  The joy of this course is that everyone doing it wants to be there, and so we are all of a similar mind set.  I am so pleased to have my studio space to work in during the summer, otherwise I’d have terrible creativity withdraw symptoms!  My biggest problem will be pacing myself so that I don’t trigger a bad bout of fatigue; and of course any MS symptoms can strike at any time, even if I am “sensible”.  Ho hum, fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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