Felt making project

This is a felt scarf I’m working on.  I bought the wool tops quite a long time ago at Woolfest, in Cumbria.  From memory it is Teeswater fleece, which has a lovely lustre.  I have no recollection what breed of sheep the curls for the ends came from.  I’ve wet felted it using Heartfelt Silks palm washboards.  These are great for anyone who can’t manage the rolling normally required for wet felting.  You can buy them from their Etsy shop.  The felted piece is currently soaking in a vinegar solution because I want to try eco-printing onto it.  I’m off to see if the local florist has any eucalyptus leaves.  I hope to be back later in the week with the finished piece.

4 thoughts on “Felt making project

  1. Michelle! You are the winner of the giveaway over on my blog. Please send me your mailing address. Thank you, Carrie B from SUCH Designs


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