Time flies!

I can’t believe that it’s a week since I last posted anything.  Time certainly flies when I’m busy.  I’m under strict instructions from my son not to over do things today – it’s his rewards evening at school tonight, and I have to be well enough to take him as his dad is working.  So I’ve been very careful not to do anything that might jeopardise my ability to attend this evening.  He has to go, otherwise he can’t go to the prom, and since he is now the proud owner of a very smart suit he is not going to risk being banned!

Now to share some photos with you.  The photo below shows eco-printing on watercolour paper.  The very lovely and talented Marilyn Stephens has step-by-step instructions on her blog: http://marilyn-interlaced.blogspot.co.uk. Please pop along and look at her lovely work.

I’m going to post the pictures from the Textile Stories exhibition at Newbiggin Maritime Centre separately. 

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