Complex Cloth

I bought a used copy of “Complex Cloth A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design” by Jane Dunnewold on Amazon Marketplace, and it was delivered yesterday.  So far, due to doing other things yesterday, I’ve only managed to read the introduction, but what an introduction – I quote: “How can we make the cloth sing?”  This question deeply resonated with me, as did Jane’s assertion: “It is possible to create fabric of great depth and complexity – what I call ‘complex cloth’ – simply by beginning with white fabric and layering surface-design processes like dyeing, painting, bleaching, and foiling over one another until a pleasing result is achieved.”  If you’ve read my earlier blog posts you will know that I love dyeing and block printing fabric.  Now I have a guide to these techniques, and more.  This book was written in 1996, and there have been further developments in textile art materials, but it should give me a good jumping off point.  Many of her techniques are used by fibre artists like Angie Hughes, so by combining the things I learn in college with this book and my Colouricious DVDs, I have lots of scope for experimenting to create my own complex cloth.

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