Continuous bias binding

Have you ever wondered how to cut your own bias binding?  Since taking up patchwork I knew it was something I needed to learn for binding my quilts, but I was really worried about where to start.  As usual, when faced with a problem like this, YouTube often has the answer.  I found a great 2-part video tutorial that teaches you how to create yards of bias binding by starting with a square of fabric.  Needless to say I had to give it a try, and it worked – I am the proud owner of 3 lengths of bias binding made entirely by me.  The tutorial was made by a woman called Marian Drain and her YouTube channel is called CuddleTime Quilts.  If you’ve ever wanted to make bias binding but were too scared to try in case you got it wrong then this technique is for you.  As you can test the instructions on a fairly small square there’s no risk of wasting valuable fabric – try it out on a 12.5″ square of something you don’t mind risking.  I used some hand dyed cotton that hadn’t come out as I’d hoped, but that would make ideal binding if my experiment worked, but that wouldn’t be a big deal if I messed up.  It worked a treat, and the next step is to test it out to make piping.

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