Happy New Year

It’s the first day of 2015, and I can’t believe that it has been a whole two months since I last posted anything here.  So what has happened in those two months?  

I’ve learned new creative textile techniques at college, and patchwork and quilting skills at my Tuesday afternoon class.  I’ve also managed to master basic crochet thanks to the Crochetopedia book, which gave me a way of holding the yarn that actually worked for me.  For those of you who struggle with crochet because you can’t hold the yarn in the traditional way, as I couldn’t, try wrapping it 3 times around the index finger of your non-dominant hand – simple and effective.

We’ve had a lovely family Christmas, and caught up with various friends.  The down side of all this busyness is the dreaded fatigue, which struck on Boxing Day.  I rallied for a few hours on the 27th, only to end up back to bed until the 30th, when I managed to be up for dinner (cooked by my wonderful hubby) with our good friends Joanne and Andy, and have been back in bed since.   The highlight of the week was a phone call last night from my oldest and dearest friend who now lives in sunny Florida.  Rebecca, I miss you like crazy.

I’m on my second coffee as I type, praying for the caffeine to lift the weight from my head.  I can only type this because I have an iPad which is easy to use in bed!

So I’m signing off again, and hoping that another day of bed rest will enable me to shift this horrible fatigue.  I wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015.

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