Crafting for a Cause

I spent almost all of my working life employed either in the public or the charitable sector.  When I trained as a life coach I found out why: my driving value is “making a difference”.  Since I had to give up work in 2013, due to my MS, I’ve been able to indulge my love of creating things.  Many of my projects have appeared in this blog, some more successful than others!  In November I decided that I was going to crack the mystery of crochet, and I did.  This new craft skill led me to join some crochet groups on Facebook, where I found lots of inspiration and support.  One of the projects that captured my imagination was making 12″ granny squares to be turned into blankets for homeless people.  Then my Facebook friend Ellen posted about the terrible plight of Syrian refugees, and I found a group that can use crocheted items for premature and stillborn babies.  I had to join in!  Then the penny dropped – I’m happiest when I’m crafting for a cause, or making gifts for friends and family.  I’ve always loved finding the best possible gifts to suit the important people in my life, and better than that is being able to make them something unique.

If you are interested in helping some good causes, and you are on Facebook, here are some links:

2 thoughts on “Crafting for a Cause

  1. Well done Michele, you are doing such lovely things for those less fortunate.
    I totally agree with you that happiness can be gained by helping others. You have also taught yourself something new in the process. Keep up the good work. X


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