Things I Listen To

When I’m out in the studio, or sitting stitching with my feet up, I like to have something to listen to.  Sometimes I just have music playing on my iPad, usually my favourite songs playlist on shuffle.  At other times I listen to audio books, and I have an Audible subscription that gets me one book per month.  One book is never enough to last a whole month, so I supplement my spoken word listening with podcasts.  I’m not quite sure how I first came to discover the Tiffany Hann podcasts, but they led me to the Stitcher app, and from there I discovered Abby Glassenberg, author of the While She Naps blog, and I love her podcasts.  She interviews the most interesting people from all walks of creative life.  Abby, and most of the people she chats to, is a big Instagram fan, so now I’ve been using Instagram too.  I highly recommend tuning in to Abby’s podcasts.  One of her interviewees mentioned that Scribd now has the facility to listen to unlimited audiobooks, so I’ve just signed up for a free month of those to try them out.  Abby also has a promo code in her most recent podcast to get a free month of classes on Creativebug.  I’ve just had a look and found at leat 3 classes to watch there.  So, pop over to and have a listen, I promise you’ll find something inspiring.

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