A few of my favourite things – Part 1

We all have them, those things we wouldn’t be without, although they are probably not the ones that Julie Andrews sings about in The Sound of Music.  Some of them will be treasured possessions from childhood, like my friend’s 65 year old teddy bear called Edward.  Others may be modern gadgets like the  Amazon Kindle.   I bought my Kindle several years ago so that I could read before going to sleep and not need to have the light on.  If you are a cook, card maker, quilter, or knitter you will have certain tools that you go to again and again.  This post gives you details of some of mine, along with the links to get more information about them.

The Heartfelt Silks Palm Washboards – I couldn’t do wet felting without these; I had actually given up felt making before I found them..  The only real palm washboards are these one from Heartfelt Silks, anything else is a copy of Robbin’s patented design.  Only buy a palm washboard if it has Heartfelt Silks name on it.

Clip on magnifying glasses from eBay – these clip onto your regular glasses and enable you to see fine detail for doing drawn thread embroidery.

Another purchase I made from Amazon  was the the generic quarter inch presser foot  ideal for patchwork, and considerably cheaper than the branded ones, but works just as well as long as your machine is low shank and takes snap on feet.  These generic feet fit my 20 year old Viking.

Lastly, if you have a Bernina 1008, as I do, this snap on foot shank adaptor will enable you to use generic presser feet, and save a lot of money.

If you have a favourite tool, gadget, or craft item please let me know.

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