Shop with The Thread Shed Studio

It’s now possible to buy my designs on a range of products, by clicking the links in the side bar, to my virtual shops.  I have designs on Spoonflower, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt.

On Spoonflower I have grouped designs into 4 coordinating collections; collection 5 are a set of individual stand alone designs.  I do intend to develop coordinates for each of them to sell in the shop, but that has to wait for the moment.  Collections 1 to 4 each have their own colour palette, so all of the fabrics in one collection match as they all use the same five colours.

There are a range of products on Redbubble and Spreadshirt, including phone cases, mugs, cushions, and even flip flops.  I’d love it if you could visit my shops and give me feedback on the designs.

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