Weaving Practice

I love weaving, I think it’s in my genes given that my maternal grandmother was a linen weaver in Northern Ireland.  I bought a Brinkley loom last year after doing a workshop with Eve Studd of Cornhill crafts, but I haven’t used it as often as I’d intended.  This year at Woolfest I came across Get Weaving.  They have produced a book, and a set of patterns, specifically for hand woven fabric.  I bought the book at Woolfest, then later I went on to their Etsy shop and bought a pattern.  I decided that I really needed some practice before I attempt to weave fabric to use in a garment.  I also had some hand dyed fleece, and some mixed fibre batts that I had created on my drum carder, which I wanted to try out on the loom.  One of the great things about the Brinkley loom is the range of materials that can be used in the weft.  I have posted about it on my old blog, and you can find those posts in the Archive.  This is the first piece I wove on my own loom using double knitting yarn in the warp, and chunky self patterning yarn in the weft.  image

When I decided to do some practising my son asked me what I was making, and it raised that question of things having to have a purpose.  In fact the piece I’ve just made doesn’t have a purpose, it is pure experimentation.  This reminded me of something I heard someone say, I can’t remember who unfortunately, but the gist of it was: don’t get hung up on “wasting” fabric, yarn, fibre, etc, as the only way to learn and become proficient is to try things.  So here is a series of photos of my experimental piece.  I’d love to know how many of you have the same issue about making things purely to learn from, and feeling guilty about wasting money, materials, etc.


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