Project Progress

Today I went to a meeting at Headway Arts in Blyth to discuss the possibility of working with them, and some other emerging artists, to create a Tall Ships project.  Fran and Allie were very positive about our ideas.  I need to focus mine down more tightly as it is in danger of mushrooming out of control. Luckily I have an idea of how to corral it!  I’m hoping to persuade some other artists to get involved and take ownership of working with some of  the groups that have expressed an interest in getting involved.  Now I have to look at the costs for inclusion in the funding bid, and create an artist’s impression of the project.  That’s the tricky bit because I can’t draw.  There’s going to be some physical, and some digital, cutting and pasting going on for next week.  Now I’m off to look at equipment prices on line.  Wish me luck.

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