Marvellously Messy

The community art activities for our Voyage Through Blyth project have been going well, and we’ve had a lot of fun with all the groups.  I’ve worked with the Bright Beginnings in Northumberland toddler group, the St Cuthbert’s Church toddler group, and making Portholes with adults at Weave in Lynemouth.  We had a fantastic response from all the parents who were so enthusiastic about doing something for the Tall Ships.  The Portholes workshop was well attended, and everyone had a go at doing something they hadn’t tried before.

Our session at Bright Beginnings was incorporated into their regular session where babies and toddlers get to experience the joy of getting messy.  They absolutely love it.


We we printed the babies feet onto paper, and then the mums and grandmas painted in masts and sails to create sailboat pictures.  These are going to be printed onto fabric and stitched into the sail to represent “The Future”.

At St Cuthbert’s we created a huge collaged seascape, with tissue paper waves and paper boats stuck onto a painted paper background.  The finished collage will be exhibited in the Church during the Tall Ships Regatta.

We held the Porthole workshop on Sunday.  I love it when everyone at a workshop starts with the same prompts and each creates something totally different.

You’ll be able to see the completed works of art at the exhibition which will be held in St Cuthbert’s C of E Church during the Tall Ships Regatta at the end of August.