Dior at the V&A Part One

I knew I wanted to see this exhibition from the moment it was announced, the problem was knowing when I visit. By the time I knew for sure I’d be able to attend in mid-June the tickets were sold out. Not to be deterred, after all this was the opportunity of a lifetime, I discovered that members of the V&A could visit any exhibition, even the most popular sold out ones. The whole thing, including getting to and from the V&A from our hotel and lunch, cost a small fortune… Let’s just say that’s what credit cards were invented for, those once in a lifetime and not to be missed experiences. I made the most of my membership by visiting the Mary Quant exhibition while I was there, and we had lunch in the members room. I must thank my long suffering 21 year old son for being kind enough to accompany me as my carer and wheelchair pusher in chief. I couldn’t have done it without him, and it’s fair to say that fashion is absolutely not his thing.

Despite all of the challenges we faced, especially getting back to the hotel, it was worth every penny.

I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

If you would like more information on any of the garments pictured please leave me comment. I bought the book so I can check the details.

There are lots more photos to come, but I thought it would be good to spread them out over several posts.

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