Dior at the V&A Part 2

Here are some more photos from my trip to the V&A.

I learned a lot from my recent trip to London about being in wheelchair. Using a wheelchair was the only way for me to be able to see the exhibition; having MS for me means I get tired rapidly if I have to stand and I can’t walk more than 20 metres without pain and fatigue. When I’m travelling by car I have my mobility scooter and am independent but as we were using the train to get to London I had to use the wheelchair which is not self propelling – it requires a carer to push me where I want to go. I must admit to feeling incredibly vulnerable because I had no control over my movements. Conversations mean getting a sore neck because people don’t think to come down to my seated level. As for public transport … let’s just say our attempts proved fruitless and we resorted to an Uber!

All of the photos are taken from wheelchair level so the perspective is different from any you might see taken by someone who was walking around the exhibition and whose pictures will have been taken at standing height.

I was particularly drawn to the garments which have lots of beading and fabric manipulation. Yes, there are more to come – definitely a Dior part 3, and probably a 4 and 5.

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