Mary Quant Exhibition at the V&A

The Mary Quant exhibition has been running at the same time as, and been rather overshadowed by, the Dior exhibition. My favourite part of the Quant exhibition was not the clothes but the carrier bags. I just loved the patterns, some of which were probably influenced by art nouveau as you can see here:

Amongst the garments were several that could easily be brought up-to-date with a change of colour:

My favourite piece is the one at bottom right of the photo. The colour really didn’t appeal to me but I could see this being recreated in something brighter, or even in black, and being absolutely wearable today. Unfortunately my figure wouldn’t suit that shape now, but someone with the know how could probably make the necessary design changes for a 5’3″ apple shape like me. In my opinion that checked coat is timeless, and needs no modifications.

What really amused me was this:

Mary Quant, it seems, invented the onesie! Not only that, but she also appears to be responsible for the hoodie:

It was a fun exhibition to view after lunch and rounded off an enjoyable trip to the V&A.

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