Almost September…

…. yet again time has flown past, with yet more family life problems slowing my progress. I have plans, lots of plans in fact, but every time I get my head above water something has conspired to thwart me. Right now I have a nasty summer cold and I’ve lost my voice. Undeterred I’m continuing to plan for better times ahead.

I did manage to attend another workshop with Laura Edgar on 24th August. This time the theme was Inspired by Constable – Cloudy Skies.

It was great to have a few hours of happy creativity away from all the stress and anxiety of the last few months.

On 30th September I’m doing a little hand embroidery demonstration at the Amble Pin Cushion. I will be showing everyone who comes how to make one of these:

and there will be kits available for purchase on the day.

Other things I’m planning include ice dyeing, cyanotype printing, and nuno felting.

I’m collaborating with Kathryn Brown, the Community Development Worker at St Aidan’s C of E Church, to start a craft group. The first event is a De-Stash Sale in aid of the Morpeth Parish Youth Botswana Mission 2020. It is being held at St Aidan’s on Monday 2nd September from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. If you use Facebook you can find the event details by clicking on this link:

The craft group will start on Monday 9th September in St Aidan’s Church and run from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. We intend it to be an informal group that people can attend as and when they wish, and there’s no charge. Refreshments will be provided and a small donation for those would be appreciated. We want to make the group as accessible as possible so if you would like to try a craft activity but have financial constraints, or you aren’t sure where to begin, or have any issues stopping you, there will be all sorts of donated materials to play with. Come and join in the fun.

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