24th June 2020 – Time for an Update

I can’t quite believe that I’ve neglected updating my blog for 10 months. I hate to be boring and cliched… But… Where on earth does time go to? I suppose it isn’t terribly surprising that I lost several months.

In September 2019 I spent two weeks with my Mum, to be with her for both of our birthdays. It was the first birthday for each of us since my Dad passed away in May 2019. At the same time our house renovations started, with a complete bathroom remodel, and there was no way I was going to be in a house with no shower or toilet for a week.

A couple of weeks later and work started on our kitchen. This was another complete remodel, which included knocking down a wall to incorporate the dining room with the kitchen. Much dust and dirt was created in the process. Thankfully it was all done, and all appliances functioning, in plenty of time for Christmas.

Once the kitchen was installed it was time for the hall to have a make over. With the help of Steve from SW Joinery in Amble I designed a bespoke staircase

Oak Staircase with Acorn Cutouts

My Dad loved natural wood, and took up wood turning when he retired from teaching precision engineering. Wrought iron work was one of his specialities, so the staircase I designed is a tribute to my Dad. It combines the wood with the metal, and it makes me smile everyday. The hallway was redecorated by Steve and his assistant Reece, two of the most professional workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and I highly recommend them.

The last thing to be done was a full replacement of our flat roofed areas. We had a leak in the bedroom, and issues with a roofer who didn’t turn up when he said he would. Thankfully I managed to find another super professional tradesman Peter Philip of Endura Flat Roofing Ltd. Someone else I highly recommend.

Christmas and New Year came and went. I hosted a couple of embroidery demonstrations, one at the Amble Pin Cushion and one at Morpeth Parish Church Advent Market.

We were all hoping for 2020 to be an improvement on 2018/19. My son was in his final year of reading English Language at Edge Hill University. The Other Half and I went to visit for a few days in February to meet his girlfriend for the first time. Everything seemed to be on track…. then Corona virus arrived, and with it the lockdown.

I must admit that I haven’t been too badly affected by lockdown. As a disabled person much of my time is spent alone, at home, and in bed. For me, apart from desperation for a haircut, it has given me time to gradually organise my studio spaces, and return to making garments for the first time in over 12 years.

The sewing room is now much more user-friendly, with space to move around.

My new overlocker

I invested in a new overlocker. This one has a free arm function, the main reason for my choice, at an affordable price.

The view looking from front to back

As you can see, I can move between my overlocker and my standard sewing machine with ease using my chair on wheels, provided I keep that floor clear of clutter. So far I’m doing pretty well.

Recent makes including a couple of upcycles.

There has also been art going on in lockdown. I’ll save that for my next post!

6 thoughts on “24th June 2020 – Time for an Update

  1. Michelle! So pleased to see you making such good use of the lockdown! Love the kitchen, love the sewing, love the overlocker. Must catch up when allowed out again x


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