Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Michele, and I have MS. I love to be creative, and I use my creativity to help me deal with my health.

I’ve called my blog The Thread Shed Studio because I was lucky enough to have a studio shed built for me, in my garden, in 2014 for my 50th birthday.

In June 2018 I graduated from Northumberland College with a Distinction from the HND Fashion and Textiles course.

I love learning new things and teaching others what I know.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations on your drum carder.
    I got mine 2 years ago and I’ve had such fun with all colours and fibres. You’ll find that you become very popular when the word gets out. I’ve processed fleece for people for a contribution to charity but I’m sure it will be possible to make an income from it.
    If I can give you a small piece of advice it would be to always inspect any fleece before you take the job. Not everyone appreciates that a drum carder doesn’t make it possible to card any old part of the fleece.


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