April Showers

What a month it has been for extraordinary weather.  We expect rain in April to "bring forth May flowers", but sleet, hail stones, and snow do nothing for delicate seedlings.  We've had to delay planting out the vegetables that are propagating in our utility room otherwise they would have been destroyed. Meanwhile there has been … Continue reading April Showers

Freestyle Machine Embroidery – Reblogged from Donna Cheshire Textiles

I was lucky enough to participate in this workshop with Donna

Donna Cheshire Textiles

So, what a wonderful creative weekend this has been  (apart from writing this blog post as it keeps deciding to eat itself !)

Friday night was spent on another workshop introducing a new group of people to needle felting – more of that in a future post …but this is all about Saturday and Freestyle Machine Embroidery (FME)

My mission was to introduce a group of budding textile artists and designers to the thrill that is FME. My aim – to get them to try different approaches to FME and to consider how these could be used to further develop their own creative textile ‘handwriting’ – that is to use FME in a way that would enhance the content and meaning of their work as opposed to being just another process in their textile toolkit.

We were working at the fantastic Lynemouth Resource Centre, where a disused function room…

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contact prints on leggings: reblogged from Obovate Designs (TM)

Really informative post about ecoprinting on synthetic fabric.  Visit Obovate Designs blog for more about ecoprinting and dyeing.

Obovate Designs™

peach, eucalyptus, onions skins, sumac prints on a blend of nylon/spandex leggings

I was out last weekend to shop for some leggings. With luck, I also found some plain white tights. They are just perfect for this idea that I had in mind for some time. The tights were pre-washed and then contact printed with a mélange of botanical: peach, rose, eucalyptus, sumac, rue, oak, lemon, daisies, and onion skins. The results turned out fabulously and we also made a video to record the process.

The exciting moment for me was when I opened the first bundle, which revealed that the process I used had worked wonderfully. Below are pictures of the different types of plant materials used in this project.

peeling off a single peach leaf

green prints from peach leaf, and reddish orange from Eucalyptus

green, red, browns, yellow–the colors of autumn

bold colors from rose and Eucalyptus prints

rose and…

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